Why We Are Better

At FlexSpace ... We are different.

Not unique, just different.

Variety is the spice of life. Diversity is the key to success.

Our team is an eclectic mix of talented individuals with a diverse range of life experiences, outlooks and motivation, but they all share the same passion for success, your success. As a team, we harness this diversity of experience to maximise ............

Speaking of experience, we have a collective total of 10 years in paint manufacturing, in gardening, as well as ergo products to protect your health.

Candy Paint, Nano Coating, Nature Paint There are several companies in Malaysia offer similar products but we are the company that own the formulation.

What does this actually mean? Unlike other companies that buy and sell, we can customize the colour, the density, based on your requirement.

Creative Board, Eco Chalk, Refillable Marker We source the best quality products .

ErgoWorkspace, Green Garden ..............