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Flexspace Sdn. Bhd. is a private company based in Selangor, Malaysia. We aren’t a subsidiary of an industrial conglomerate or owned by a global chemical company. In fact we have no external corporate shareholders. The company is wholly-owned by the directors themselves and a few of our friends who believe in what we do. That means we can paddle our own canoe without anyone telling us which way we should go. Being free of external influences has allowed us to re-engineer and innovate natural paint from beginning to end without any preconceived ideas.

Just in case you were wondering we do not have a glamorous international head-quarter’s building. We do not have a fleet of company cars, a corporate yacht or a helicopter ! We do not have platinum credit cards with bulging corporate expense accounts. We do, however, make a great cup of tea and we invite you to pop in for one if you're passing.

We believe in simple, straight-forward, transparent and we intend to keep it that way!


David is the founder and now chairman of the company. He connects with a university's nano faculty and bring the formulation to Malaysia and start manufacturing here in the year 2001. He’s a pretty clever guy when it comes to natural chemistry !  David’s background is in nano-chemical and works for PPG for 10 years. If you ask him why he brings the Candy Paint to Asia, he’ll tell you because he wanted to have a paint that from cradle to grave did no harm, and before Candy Paint, there wasn’t one.

Stella is our Finance Director. She started life as an accountant but fortunately saw the error of her ways and now works with exciting small Malaysia companies like Flexspace who are doing ground-breaking interesting things. She makes sure we stay on the straight and narrow financially and helps plan our long term strategy.
Myra is our sales director and has worked for some of the most successful retailers in the Malaysia including Aeon.  Before that she honed her skills at some leading paint companies.
Grace handles our Online Business Unit and is the newest member of Flexspace team. She worked in several online business companies prior to joining Flexspace................................
William is our Marketing Manager and is the newest member of Flexspace team. He worked as Marketing Manager for KFC prior to joining Flexspace.
Mary is our Creative Consultant, from 513 Paint Shop, and is responsible for developing our color palette and Flexspace look. She keeps us ahead of the pack in new color trends and is responsible for new limited edition and seasonal color ranges. Mary worked for a number of years and now works as a freelance consultant with some of the leading brands from around the world. She is hugely in demand and we were lucky to get her on-board. She now stays in Paris, France. Quelle ville merveilleuse !euse !

Nizar is our SEO & Digital Marketing Expert ........