Think Creative without Boundaries :
Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint Matt,
Magnetic Paint, Chalkboard Paint,
Glow in the Dark, Florescent Paint, …

Hydrophilic Wood & Cement Coating,
Thermal Insulation Coating,
Acoustic Panels, Artifical Stone Panels,
Radiation Shielding Paint, Mosses, …

Mix It Yourself
All Nature Ingredient with Zero VOC

Made in Great Britain

Projection Dry Erase Whiteboard,
Matt Transparent Whiteboard,
Glossy Whiteboard, Magnetic Sheet,
Green Black Grey Chalkboard, …

Stain-Free Whiteboard Marker,
ReFillable Permanent Marker,
Colorful Florescent Marker,
Gadgets for Whiteboard, …

A Truly Dustless Chalk

100% Made with Nature Ingredients
Erase with Water

Smart Privacy Film,
Electric Sit-Stand Desk,
Ergonomic Sit-Stand Chair,
Wide Screen Curve Monitor, …

Smart Light / Fan Control,
Smart Electric Curtain,
Smart Power On/Off, …
support by Google Home

reStickable Sticker
replace fridge magnet
MonkeyGrip, Sticky Pad, …
You Think Of, We Make It For You

Mobile Display Security Lock,
EAS, PoE CCTV, RFID Solutions,
Point to Point Wi-Fi Antenna,
Fingerprint Door Lock,
Electric Fencing System, …


We Define, Design and Create
Retail Security Solutions
for Tomorrow’s World.

Masking Tape, with Drop Cloth,
ZipWall-Dust Barrier Solution,
Dustless Sanding Machine,
Dustless Wall Cutter,
Fine Roller, Eco Paint Tray, …

Multi-platform, Easy-to-use
Accounting app
for Daily Business

Iconic Brand Our Customers

Trust in Their Offices and Schools