3 Ways You Can Use Chalkboard Paint In Your IKEA Hack Projects

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We all love IKEA for its affordable prices on top of its modern design and cutting-edge product releases. So, it is normal for you to worry that your new flat-packed furniture won’t look unique at all as millions if not billions of home decorators are buying the same thing. Not only that, with this Swedish mega-retailer printing more copies of its catalog each year, such situation is unavoidable.

In order to solve the issue, someone had come up with the IKEA hack, a solution that instantly upgrades your affordable finds and elevate them into stylish and expensive-looking decor. For those who don’t want to splurge on new furniture but aren’t a fan of having a carbon copy of any of your friends’ spaces, can also take a look at these striking ideas. Whether it’s IKEA cabinets, desks or shelving, you can easily transform these functional pieces into new furniture so chic that no one will think you initially bought them from IKEA. All it takes is just a little know-how and of course, an eye for design.

Of course we won’t be talking just about any IKEA hacks today, but something that is more specific. We will share with you 3 ways that you can use chalkboard paint in your IKEA hack project. Rest assured as these suggestions will not only help improve your space but will also inspire your own original design. Despite their functionality and benefits, they merely acted as the trigger for you to start taking a best-selling IKEA basic and give it a new lease of life since it require next to no DIY skills. What’s not to love, right? Without further ado, let’s get started.

#1 – Turn the side panel of your plain storage into memo board

We all know that you can easily mix and match any IKEA storage solutions due to their versatility. Out of the these, we believe that Billy bookcases stand out the most and of course, love by many. There are lot of ways that we can use Billy bookcases in an IKEA hack project. However, we would like to pointed out only one of them that fits this topic – turn the side panel of Billy bookcases into a memo board using chalkboard paint. Not only that, you can also take it a step further by making it magnetic so that you’ll be able to use our magnetic pins and tacks to hold your memo or documents on that memo board.

Gemma Gear had mix and match Billy bookcases for bespoke storage just as shown through Joanna Henderson’s photo published in Ideal Home Magazine.

The photo taken by Joanna Henderson shown above can help you think outside the box with the much-loved Billy bookcases. It’s another step that you can take to make your IKEA hack more interesting. All you need to do is to use a single width bookcase attached to the side of a double width version. The purpose of doing this is to create an ‘end’ so to speak and not simply leaving it just as it was built to be. Let’s admit it, this will also help to free up a side panel that you can apply chalkboard paint on. In fact if you position the whole structure in the center of the wall, you can create the same thing on the other end and get two separate memo boards instead.

This hack not only help to provide you with all the storage that a busy household may needs, but also a memo board and potentially memo boards to jot down all the necessary to-do list and such. You can also turn it into a magnetic surface with our Candy Paint Asia’s Magnetic Primer, a magical thing that could turn just about any surface – magnetic.

If you are worried that you might not like the result, why not give it a try using our Creative Board’s Chalkboard Sticker. Chalkboard sticker is not only a cheaper alternative but also an faster option since you only need to peel and stick to apply it to the surface. If you are okay with spending a little bit extra but still at an affordable rate, we would recommend you to do this IKEA hack using our signature brand of Candy Chalkboard Paint.

#2 – Create a drawing table for your kids

LÄTT’s child’s table and chairs are the perfect size for little people in IKEA’s catalog. What’s more, they come as a real bargain at a cost of RM 89.00 from IKEA Malaysia. This piece of furniture is made from untreated pine wood. For this reason it is definitely the dream of any upcyclers to put their creativity to test. Why you may ask? The reason is simple. It does not require any sanding or primer to paint on. However, the table top still need some extra work as it is made of a plastic coated MDF. So, you’ll have to prime the surface first before painting it.

This LÄTT chalkboard play table is an IKEA hack project you should try.

With all these being said, you might be wondering, how can you turn this piece of furniture into a drawing table for your kids? Well, all you need to do is to update its plastic coated MDF top. Just paint it with a lick of chalkboard paint. This clever yet affordable solution will not only upgrade the features of the table, it also help you to prevent your child from drawing everywhere they want. We understand that you as a parent will definitely worry about the issues that comes with chalk usage on the child. Fret not! We have the solution for this as well.

As our technology developed further with time, researchers had came up with solution for such issue with the creation of dustless chalk. Not only that, nowadays, a lot of people is getting more aware about the environment. Due to this, researchers ensured that their study will result in the development of an eco-friendly solution. As a matter of fact, our Creative Board’s EcoChalk is one of the results of such researches to provide dustless and eco-friendly chalk that is safe for your children.

#3 – Give new color to the furniture and make it functional

Are you bored with the same old basic pine cupboard offered by IKEA? You can easily turn those basic look with a lick of paint. With a bit of painter’s tape or masking tape and a few tester pots, you’ll be able to transform the plain pine unit into a welcomed colorful addition to any room. However, don’t just stop there! Take your IKEA hack project a step further and make the surface functional by painting it with chalkboard paint.

This video inspired us to give new color to the IKEA piece while at the same time making it functional using chalkboard paint.

If you are thinking that there are only black or green chalkboard paint, we are here to proof you wrong. We offer colorful chalkboard paint through our signature brand – Candy Paint Asia, so you can have more option. Now you can easily have chalkboard surface with any color that you like. What’s more, your chalkboard will no longer take any other space since it will directly be on your furniture. Hence, you’ll be able to maximize your wall space usage for other ideas or projects you might have in mind.

So, what’s next?

The possibilities are endless and can only be limited by your imagination. All you need now is just one Pinterest search and you’ll be dreaming up of various other ways that you could use chalkboard paint in your IKEA hack projects. The ideas that we have provided so far are merely to kick start your creativity. Let us know in the comment below how you would use chalkboard paint for your IKEA hack projects.

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